The main goal of the series of conferences sponsored by ABEG has been to encourage the exchange of ideas, as well as the reflection and discussion about topics of interest to the graphics area. However, the increasing findings of research projects and the fast evolution of design techniques have shown how vast the field of application of graphic languages is. It configures a kind of "ecosystem" that interconnects many fields of knowledge in all their multiple applications. For those who work or study in such fields it has then become a priority to keep this "ecosystem" fertile and productive.

From the early concerns with specific issues regarding projective geometry, which still appears on the titles of symposia and in some of their topics, the participants have acquired a wider and prospective perception of the range of the several graphic shape representation methods. This new vision has led to the change of the sponsor’s name, from "Brazilian Association of Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing Teachers" (ABPGDDT) to "Brazilian Association of Graphical Expression" (ABEG).

Twenty five years after the 8th National Symposium on Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing took place in Rio de Janeiro, the city opens its doors again to host the 20th edition of that same symposium, now under the name Graphica 2011, along with the 9th International Conference on Graphics Engineering for Arts and Design. It’s convenient that the so called "Marvelous City", the muse of so many songs due to its rich culture and scenery, is in perfect harmony with the focus of this joint event: diversity.

Having "Graphics Expression: Connections among Science, Art and Technology" as its central theme, the present edition of GRAPHICA aims at making clear the integration of "knowledge" (understanding gained through experience or study) with "imagination" (creativity stimulation) and "making" (the use of latest generation resources). It also presents a new opportunity to strengthen the ties between educational organizations from all over Brazil and similar institutions from other countries, encouraging groups of interest with the same agenda in establishing collaborative actions in the areas of Education, Research, Extension and Production.

The Graphica Rio 2011 warmly welcomes all participants.

The organizing committee is grateful to Prof. Fernando Salis (lecturer at the School of Communication at UFRJ) for granting permission to reproduce his video in this website.